Photo of Robert Paul

Hi, I'm Rob.

I鈥檓 a Product Designer, doing all things at Macro. I take products 0-1 from research 馃 to launch 馃殌 to growth 馃搱.

In my spare time, I take my grandma to her doctor's appointments and mentor design students at Carnegie Mellon University.

Below are some examples of designs I've shipped...


Design Founder  Kitchenware for Diabetics

Founded and led industrial design, brand, and web design for a DTC business specializing in patented carb-portioning kitchenware for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics.

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Receipt Capture

Design Lead  iOS 路 Android 路 Tablet 路 Web

As design lead of the QuickBooks' Receipt Capture team, I created a tool that digitizes expenses from photos using AI and OCR. It extracts and categorizes details, matching them to transactions and securely storing receipts for easy access.

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Mockup of the QuickBooks mobile app receipt capture feature, showing a receipt being scanned for data extraction

Responsive help

Design & Engineering Lead  iOS 路 Android 路 Tablet 路 Web

I led design and wrote production code for a redesign of the help feature, where QuickBooks users can access help content and complete tasks simultaneously.

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Onboarding for Mileage Auto-Tracking

Design Lead  iOS 路 Android 路 Tablet

Designed and shipped an onboarding and location permissions setup experience for mileage auto-tracking, increasing day 1 feature activation by 5.9x for new users.

Design mockup of new user onboarding for mileage auto-tracking

Bill Pay

Design Lead  iOS 路 Android 路 Tablet

Led design from 0-1 for Intuit's first launch of payment processing and credit lending of bills for business owners. Executed on research, interaction design, usability testing, and visual design. Collaborated with Head of Product, and 3 distributed teams to successfully ship.

Design mockup of bill pay feature in the QuickBooks app.

Pre-Signup Subscription

Design Lead  iOS 路 Android 路 Tablet

Collaborated deeply with engineering in bringing subscription conversion event to pre-signup top of funnel, overhauling entire new user sign up flow. Increased new paid subscriptions by 2.3x with no harm to secondary metrics.

Screenshot of iOS app subscription touchpoint for the QuickBooks app.


Design Lead  iOS 路 Android 路 Tablet

Designed and shipped a new navigation experience for the QuickBooks app, collaborating with product and design leadership. Increased day 1 feature discovery from 12.3% to 55.7% for new users.

Design mockup of menu screen in the QuickBooks app.


Product Designer  Web 路 Android 路 iOS

Led the design for a consumer telepresence robotics platform on iOS, Android, and web. Designed a visual refresh, led user research, and collaborated with CEO in defining and executing product roadmap.

Design mockup of landing page for RealBotics.


Product Designer  Web 路 Android 路 iOS

Designed the web and mobile experience for videographers using live sports streaming service. Led user feedback sessions to improve product experience, collaborating with CEO, CTO, and engineering.

A phone attached to a tripod, recording a live basketball game with the fantag app.